Susi Gelb is engaged in alchemistic approaches and has set up a complex research cosmos: materials, processes, time regimes, spaces, knowledge systems and different sciences are interfused, brought to life and live on in a state of constant circulation. The core of her art practice are transformations and processes of creation and disintegration. Susi Gelb’s art works “live” in the broadest sense. In this cosmos the colour yellow represents a research assignment: “yellow is a substitute for something I don’t know yet”. Susi Gelb transforms space into atmospheric multimedia landscapes with immersive power. The sensual quality of her video installations peals to our sensory perception. She has also realised ample projects in public space which show her sensibility for atmospheric changes. 

At the moment Susi Gelb lives and works in Europe. 

visit – artist-run space by Susi Gelb, Niko Abramidis &NE and Quirin Brunnmeier

interview FA + Susi Gelb



Studio Susi Gelb
Baumstraße 8b
80469 München

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