upstream(t) no. 51, 2017, mouflon skull, resin, pigments

mythe en place


user-defined landscape 08: laser engraving on fluorescent plexiglass, 43,5 x 55,2 x 0,3 cm, 2018





growhere#01: bronze cast of a cactus, 2017

concrete sunbench with hydrochloric acid engraving, 2017

TRAILER for no such things grow here, full hd video, 11:55 min, loop, 2017, soundtrack by Fondamentalism & Nouvelle

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Funded by the City of Munich, Department of Arts and Culture


upstream(t) No. 56: ytong, phosphorescent granulate (glows in the dark), pigments, glass fiber, polyester resin, 72,5 x 22,7 x 22 cm, 2017
the phosphorescent side (glows in the dark)

soft water crystallisator: liquid crystal display, 125 x 72 x 26 cm, glass plate, 2 transparent polyester resin casts, full hd video 23:22 min, loop, no sound

spreez at dash, installation view/ Dash Gallery, Kortrijk, Belgium/ 2016
capsule no.001/ pomegranate in epoxy encapsulant/ 2015
CORAL NORTH, exhibition curated by Susi Gelb, Niko Abramidis, Quirin Brunnmeier (easy!upstream)/ 2016
discovered#002: cyanotype on Hahnemühle Platinum Rag, 38,1 x 27,9 cm, 2016
marble#002/ upstream (t) No. 28: lasered plywood, vacuum-thermoformed polystyrene, thassos marble, polyester resin/ 45 x 30 x 85 cm/ 2016
marble#001/ lasered plywood, vacuum-thermoformed polystyrene, carrara marble/ 45 x 45 x 65 cm/ 2016polystyrene, thassos marble, polyester resin/ 45 x 30 x 85 cm/ 2016


idle upgrade illusion/ installation views at easy!upstream/ 2015


full size original loading, 2015
front: space enquiry (loading)/ hd video 10:28′, loop/ 2015
back: Gabi Blum/ T/ hd video, loop/ 2015

excerpt from space enquiry (loading)/ full hd video 10:28′, loop/ 2015

unlimited laboratory – part 03 (grow device)/ ananas comosus, shelf system, fluora grow light/ 2015
unlimited laboratory – part 02 (sprout device): glass cylinder, water, pineapple top, daylight, 2015
renaissance enquiry: skin of 3,5 meters albino python, 2015
Eine gewisse chinesische Enzyklopädie/ excerpt from Michel Foucault: Die Ordnung der Dinge, p. 17, Suhrkamp Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 1991
unlimited laboratory, installation view, 2015
unlimited laboratory/ installation view/ 2015

unlimited laboratory/ installation view/  2015
unlimited laboratory – part 04 (terraforming entity)
unlimited laboratory – part 04 (terraforming entity): terrarium, 29°C, 79% air humidity, 3 Amazon tree boas(0,0,3 corallus hortulanus), each 50 cm long, SD card in polyester resin, 2015
detail/ sd card in resin
upstream (t) no.12/ bisected pineapple top in polyester resin, 2014

capsule no. 022/ slice of yellow water melon in epoxy encapsulant/ 2015
underwater expansion/ sublimation print on semitransparent textile/ 3,75 x 2,00 m/ 2015

soft water crystallisation system/ installation view, Werkschau Halle 12, Leipzig/ 2015
upstream (t) no. 36/ air cushion in polyester resin/ 2015
upstream (t) no. 30/ honey comb in polyester resin/ 2015
pime material no. 15/ concrete and wax/ 2014
upstream (t) no. 37/ wax in polyester resin/ 2015

excerpt from this is what a chameleon looks like – no. 02/ hd video, loop, 21:09 min/ 2013

Splendor und Fiktion (L)/ ytong in polyester resin/ 2013-2014
Splendor und Fiktion (L), detail
field office: installation view, 2015
condensate no. 015/ screenwash lemon, aquarium, water/ 2015
installation view
upstream (t) no. 09/ concrete in polyester resin/ 2013
upstream (t) no. 44/ tin and lead and poster in polyester resin/ 2015
splendor & velocity/ installation view/ w-o-l-k-e Brussels/ 2014
splendor and velocity (C)/ crystal shot in polymer paraffin/ 2014
splendor and velocity (B)/ crystal shot in polymer paraffin/ 2014
splendor and velocity (D)/ compass shot in polymer paraffin/ 2014
splendor and velocity (A)/ crystal shot in polymer paraffin/ 2014
this is what a chameleon looks like – infinity no. 01/ installation view/ 2014

excerpt from this is what a chameleon looks like – no. 01/ hd video, loop/ 2013

Systematisierung/ fine art print/ 2014


exactness is a fake – cyan no. 01/ photography hand proof/ 2013
exactness is a fake – magenta no. 03/ photography hand proof/ 2013
black square 2012/ polycrystaline solar panel/ 2012
unlimited laboratory/ artist book/ 2014
Enzyklopädie von S bis G/ installation view at Knust x Kunz Munich/ 2013
Splendor und Fiktion (I)/ concrete in polyester resin/ 2013
Capri-Batterie Asian Standard (Update for Joseph Beuys/ multiple/ 2010
Capri-Batterie EU-Standard (Update for Joseph Beuys/ multiple/ 2009

iceland capsules/ photography/ 2012
upstream (t) no. 13 and no.14/ sulphur, water, petri dish, concrete in polyester resin/ 2014


unspaced measures – enquiry by Susi Gelb: installation 2014
installation view/ detail
time regime A: split flap display with one mirrored side and animation drawn on the flaps on the backside, random rhythm generator, 2014

heavy-duty props: super-elastic yellow polyurethane foam casts, each 8 meters long, hanging from the ceiling of the exhibition space, a former Nazi building in Munich, 2012