upstream (t) no. 58: asphalt debris, polyester resin, pigment, 2017

user-defined landscape: fluorescent plexiglass, laser engraving, 43,5 x 55,2 x 0,3 cm, 2018

Capri-Batterie Asian Standard (Update for Joseph Beuys: multiple, 2010
Capri-Batterie EU-Standard (Update for Joseph Beuys): multiple, 2009


excerpt from no such things grow here, full hd video, 11:55 min, loop, 2017, soundtrack by Fondamentalism & Nouvelle

filmstills from no such things grow here, full hd video,11:55 min, loop, 2017

no such things grow here, public art by Susi Gelb, Max-Joseph-Platz Munich: 600×350 cm LED wall on wooden construction, full hd video, 11:55 min, loop, sound, tropical plants, bronze sculptures, concrete sunbeds with thermochromic tiles, fake rocks, 2017, funded by the City of Munich, Department of Arts and Culture

details: thermochromic tiles, concrete benches, bronze casts, led screen

Lenbachplatz Munich: banana plants, billboard, concrete sculpture

Odeonsplatz Munich: living palmtree, excavated material

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upstream (t) no. 40: copper plate, polyester resin, 2015

upstream (t) No. 56: ytong, phosphorescent granulate (glows in the dark), pigments, glass fiber, polyester resin, 72,5 x 22,7 x 22 cm, 2017
the phosphorescent side (glows in the dark)

capsule no. 022: yellow water melon, epoxy encapsulant, 2015

soft water crystallisator: liquid crystal display, 125 x 72 x 26 cm, glass plate, 2 transparent polyester resin casts, full hd video 23:22 min, loop, no sound, 2015

renaissance enquriy: albino python skin, 350cm, 2015

full size original loading, 2015
front: Susi Gelb: space enquiry (loading): full hd video, 10:28′, loop, 2015
back: Gabi Blum: T: full hd video, loop, 2015

excerpt from space enquiry (loading): full hd video, 10:28′, loop, 2015

unlimited laboratory: installation view, 2015
unlimited laboratory: installation view, 2015

unlimited laboratory – part 04 (terraforming entity): terrarium, 29°C, 79% air humidity, 3 Amazon tree boas), SD card, polyester resin, 2015


excerpt from diamond reef/ hd video, loop, 2015

underwater expansion: sublimation print on semitransparent textile, 375 x 200 cm, 2015

excerpt from this is what a chameleon looks like – no. 02/ hd video, loop, 21:09 min/ 2013

iceland capsules, photography, 2012


Splendor und Fiktion (L), detail
Splendor und Fiktion (L): ytong, pigment, gel coat, polyester resin, 2013-2014

field office, installation views, 2015

splendor and velocity B: glass crystal, polymer paraffin, 2014

ballistic polymer paraffin casts, crystals and compasses, installation with highspeed video, made possible by laboratory ABAL Brussels, 2014


excerpt from xtal momentum: high speed video, 2014

this is what a chameleon looks like – infinity no. 01: installation view, 2014

excerpt from this is what a chameleon looks like – no. 01: hd video, loop, 2013

exactness is a fake: chromogenetic hand proofs, 2013


excerpt from System Immersion 08: hd video, loop, 2013

black square 2012: polycrystalline solar panel, 54 x 54 cm, 2012


unlimited laboratory: artist book, 2014

Enzyklopädie von S bis G: installation view at Knust x Kunz Munich, 2013

heavy-duty props: super-elastic yellow polyurethane foam casts, 800cm, expanding from the ceiling, 2012

payback XS: 12 cars parked upside-down
installation on the main city parking lot in the city of Mainburg (Germany), 2010

discovered 002: cyanotype, 38,1 x 27,9 cm, 2016

the joy of painting: dv video, 2008