discovered#001/ cyanotype on Hahnemühle platinum rag/ 27,9 x 38,1 cm/ 2016


discovered#001/ cyanotype on Hahnemühle platinum rag/ 27,9 x 38,1 cm/ 2016


marble#002 / upstream (t) No. 28: lasered plywood, vacuum-thermoformed polystyrene, thassos marble, polyester resin/ 45 x 30 x 85 cm/ 2016
marble#001/ lasered plywood, vacuum-thermoformed polystyrene, carrara marble/ 45 x 45 x 65 cm/ 2016


unlimited laboratory – part 02 (sprout device)/ glass cylinder, water, pineapple top, daylight/ 2015


renaissance enquriy/ skin of yellow python, 3,5 meters/ 2015


prime material (v) No. 14/ bronze cast/ 2014
condensate No.010/ pineapple concentrate in vacuo/ 2015


unlimited laboratory/ installation view/ Kunstarkaden Munich/ 2015


portfolio english 2015.indd

upstream (t) No. 09/ concrete, polyester resin/ 2013
condensate No. 003/ bismuth, petri dish/ 2015
upstream (t) No. 30/ honey comb, polyester resin/ 2015

condensate No.011/ 3d print/ 2014
upstream (t) No. 29/ lemon, polyester resin/ 2015
condensate No. 006/ 3-D print/ 2014

portfolio english 2015.indd

condensate No. 009/ polymer paraffin/ 2014
upstream (t) No. 16/ sulphur, water, petri dish, polyester resin/ 2015
upstream (t) No. 13/ sulphur, water, petri dish, concrete, polyester resin/ 2014


unlimited laboratory – part 03 (grow device)/ shelf system, ananas comosus, begonia rex escargot, fluora grow light/ 2015


full size original loading/ installation view/ Kunstarkaden Munich/ 2015
front: space enquiry (loading)/ hd video 10:28′, loop/ 2015
back: Gabi Blum/ T/ hd video, loop/ 2015


space enquiry (loading)/ hd video, 10:28′, loop/ 2015



soft water crystallizator/ hd video, 23:22′, loop, flat screen 125 x 72 cm, glass plate, two polyester resin casts/ 2015

capsule No. 008/ Dionaea muscipula (venus flytrap) in expoxy encapsulant/ 2015
capsule No. 011/ succulent in epoxy encapsulant/ 2015


capsule No. 005/ pineapple slice in epoxy encapsulant/ 2015


diamond reef/ hd video, 19:42′, loop/ 2015


unlimited laboratory – part 04 (terraforming entity)/ terrarium, 29°C, 79% air humidity/ 0,0,3 corallus hortulanus (Amazon tree boas), each 50 cm long/ upstream (t) No. 26 (data safe), SD card in polyester resin/ 2015


levitation system No. 04/ vitamin B pills on magnetic levitation unit/ 2015

splendor and velocity (A-D)/ polymer paraffin
xtal momentum/ high speed video
installation view/ w-o-l-k-e Brussels/ 2014

splendor and velocity (C)/ crystal shot in polymer paraffin/ 2014


[vimeo id=”110500913″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes” aspect_ratio=”16:9″ maxwidth=”420″ parameters=”loop=1″]

xtal momentum
high speed video/ 2014
made possible by ballistic laboratory ABAL Brussels

Systematisierung/ Fine Art Print auf Quarzpapier/ 2014

systematisation/ digital print on quartz paper/ 2014


upstream (t) No. 12/ pineapple top in polyester resin/ 2014

upstream (t) No. 12/ pineapple top in polyester resin/ 2014

System Immersion No. 07/ hd video/ Loop/ 2013


upstream (t) No.13/ No.14/ water, sulphur, petri dish, concrete, polyester resin/ 2014

hybrid office/ print on mirror cardboard/ 2014

Splendor und Fiktion (L)/ ytong in polyester resin/ 2013



unspaced measures/ installation view/ AdBK 2014

this is what a chameleon looks like No.02/ hd video 21:00′, loop/ 2013


II. Unlimited Laboratory/ artist book/ 2014
110 pages/ edition of 200


this_is_what_a_chameleon_01_c this_is_what_a_chameleon_01_athis_is_what_a_chameleon_01_b


this is what a chameleon looks like No.01/ hd video, loop/ 2013

Enzyklopädie von S bis G/ installation view at gallery Knust x Kunz/ Munich 2013

black square 2012/ polycrystalline solar panel/ 2012

black square 2012/ polycrystaline solar panel/ 2012

o.T./ dauerelastischer PU-Schaum/ 2012

heavy-duty props/ elastic polyurethane foam/ 2012


System Immersion #1 / dv-video / loop/ 2010

System Immersion No.01 / dv-video, loop/ 2010


Capri-Battery Asian standard (update for Joseph Beuys/ multiple/ 2010

Capri-Battery Asian standard (update for Joseph Beuys)/ multiple/ 2010

Capri-Batterie EU-Standard (Update für Joseph Beuys)/ Multiple/ 2009

Capri-Battery EU standard (Update fof Joseph Beuys)/ multiple/ 2009

payback XS/ installation view/ Mainburg DE/ 2010
12 cars were parked upside down on the main parking lot in the city of Mainburg
made possible by Hagl Autoverwertung Rudelzhausen, fire brigade Mainburg, city of Mainburg, mayor Josef Reiser, rotary club Mainburg-Hallertau

meine Projektion ist größer heller und schneller als deine/ multimedia installation/ 2009
AkademieGalerie Munich
cooperation between Susi Gelb, Nele Müller, Janina Roider
  made possible by DJ Hell, Kopp, Eltako, Megaman

DJ Hell at the opening